2018 Season  April 7 - October 27  -  8 am until Noon

Mission Statement
The Winnsboro Farmers' Market brings producers of locally grown food, hand made, and home baked products together with discerning shoppers, to enhance the local economy and foster community relationships.

Farmers' Market Board of Directors and Manager
The Farmers' Market board is planning an exciting 2018 season.  The board members are:

Marilyn Arnaud
Wendy Blake

Debra Aaron

Troy Howard
Robin Sanchez

Andrew Dillingham

Ruth Townsend
Val Vetter

Stacy Finley ........................................ Market Manager

The Market Beginnings

The Winnsboro Farmers' Market was started in 2008 by the city officials.  A contractual manager was hired to oversee the operations and success of the market.  An advisory board of directors - consisting of local farmers - was appointed to assist in policy development; review the annual program budget; determine the goals of the program; and support the market manager.  In 2010, the board of directors developed the bylaws to govern the board operations and the rules and regulations that manage the vendors and the market.

The board members serve two-year terms and their successors are recommended by the board members with final approval by City Counsel.  To insure continued success of the market, it is important to keep the market fresh with new members and new ideas.  If you have an interest in serving on the board of directors, please contact the Market Manager or a current Farmers' Market Board Member. 


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